The Magnolia School does not give grades or report cards


In order to provide parents with information regarding their child’s development, we provide many opportunities throughout the year for parents to interact with the learning process.

Our teachers assess student progress on a daily basis through observation of their attitudes and behaviors while they work. We believe that the process the child uses to learn to read, write and problem-solve is as important as the final product.

Formal testing is not part of our curriculum, though test-taking skills are informally introduced to older students to help them make the transition to middle and high school.

Assessment at a glance:

  • Detailed developmental assessments

  • Regular parent-teacher-student conferences

  • Regular, consistent feedback

We hold student-parent-teacher conferences regularly to discuss each child’s progress, and informal conferences can be scheduled at any time. The conferences are preceded by “home” conferences, where students present to their parents what they have been learning. This might entail reading a book and discussing it, sharing writing samples or playing math games. Students lead the conference, and parents ask questions to help guide the student.

Student records, which are shared with parents and are accepted by both public and private schools, consist of a detailed academic and social-emotional developmental evaluation completed by the teacher of each academic or special area, accompanied by representative work samples.