Working winding down on Paleontology theme

Our Paleontology elementary school theme is entering its final week. It will be followed by a theme on Florida History that will last until the end of the school year. Check out the main front-room bulletin board for the work Juniper’s group is doing on dinosaur habitat; the bulletin board in front of the bean table for the work Pam’s group is doing on prehistoric amphibians, bugs and arthropods; and the back- room bulletin board for the work Sally’s group is doing on prehistoric sea reptiles and the work Sunshine’s group is doing on prehistoric mammals. Sunshine’s group has used a projector to enlarge pictures of prehistoric mammals’ body parts to obtain traceable life-size images. Sally’s group has been making and playing memory games about sea reptiles and is in the process of building a model.

All groups have had opportunities to notice that building a bank of facts on prehistoric animals is not easy: many different resources need to be used as not all of them agree on basic facts.

The middle school is also getting ready to switch from its Springs theme to the Florida History theme, although more work will be done on the Springs project between now and the end of the school year. A sampling trip at one of the springs on Natural Bridge Battlefield State Park property is scheduled for Friday, May 28. The middle school students have enjoyed presentations on water quality by Sean McGlynn, on flora by Jay Kamke, and on macro-invertebrates by Lisa Homann, most of whom will be present for the sampling field trip. Also, Sunshine and Sophie have received training and free chemical kits from Katherine Milla at FAMU in the context of the GLOBE program, whose Hydrology Investigation protocols have been used during the Springs theme.