Wagons, Ho! theme news: Documenting life along the trail

Wagons, Ho! is entering its fifth week, or its second half. Our four families traveling along the Oregon Trail, the Mormon Trail, the Santa Fe Trail, and the California Trail have populated bulletin boards with facts, maps, interactions with native groups, encounters with wildlife, and hardships encountered along the way. This week, our four families should reach the end of their trail and settle on the frontier. Students will hear about property rights and explore the following topics in short rotations:

  • daily life with Juniper,
  • the pony express with Pam
  • the economy of Gold Rush communities with Julie, and
  • building log cabins and soddies with Casey.

They also will have a hoedown Thursday.

The current guild rotation features settlers’ crafts to support our theme. Students signed up for:

  • quilting with Sally
  • blacksmithing with Casey
  • parlor games and charades with Pam
  • paper dolls with Juniper
  • leatherwork with Julie

Week 6 will focus on 19th century inventions and the transcontinental railway.