Wagons, Ho! Students hit the trail

Our new theme, Wagons, Ho!, is already entering its third week.

Week 1 focused on the state of the country at the beginning of the 19th century, the Louisiana Purchase, and the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Week 2 focused on preparation for the trail (form family groups, make packing lists, build individual covered wagons).

This week and next, students will “hit the trail." They will walk one mile around the playground. They will divide into four groups, one for each of the following trails: the Oregon Trail with Pam, the California Trail with Juniper, the Santa Fe Trail with Casey, and the Mormon Trail with Julie. Each group will map its journey west, and discuss the wildlife, hardships, and interaction with native groups.

Each group also will create a bulletin board and write journal entries to report to the other groups. Please remember to support your student in choosing a “jackdaw project” to be completed at home. Detailed information on this project has been distributed and an example of a jackdaw, created by the staff on the topic of the Louisiana Purchase, is on display on the elementary school kitchen counter for inspiration. Do holler if you still have questions!