Wagons, Ho! Frontier families reach the end of the trail

Wagons, Ho! is entering its seventh week. It will end the week after Spring Break, which is when Jackdaws Home Projects are due and will be presented. Please make sure to leave enough time in your favorite jackdaws’ schedule for them to work on populating their nest. A last minute rushed project can be a chore, but a well-timed one can be a lot of fun, especially given the unusual format of a jackdaw project.

Our various westward traveling families have reached the end of their respective trails and have now settled. They have kept a diary of their trip and of the hardships of daily life on the frontier. They have learned about property rights, the Gold Rush, 19th century inventions (the telegraph, photography, the stethoscope, Braille), and the transcontinental railway. They are now deciding which product to choose to synthesize what they learned.

Students are hosting a hoedown this Thursday at 1:30 p.m. As always, parents are welcome!