Vote theme drawing to an end

Our theme on elections and government is drawing to an end. Steam seems to be running out for another whole-school vote, but all classes got to go vote "for real" on Nov. 6th at Mission San Luis with "Kids Voting Leon County." Their ballot was considerably simpler than the grown-up version. They got to vote for U.S. president, U.S. senator, local sheriff, superintendent of schools, and county commissioner at large, as well as voting on a few issues such as the most important presidential quality (Leon County kids chose honest over patriotic or smart) and which makes a better pet (they chose dog over cat). Results can be found on the Kids Voting Leon County website


Many thanks to Dr. Dan Maier-Katkin, professor at the FSU College of Criminology and Criminal Justice, and member of the Magnolia Community, who came on Nov. 2nd to talk to a very interested crowd of middle schoolers about the U.S. Constitution and the respective power of the states and the federal government through U.S. history.

Our next theme "Mayans" will start after Thanksgiving and run for four weeks until Winter Break. It will introduce the Magnolia students to Mayan hieroglyphics, Mayan architecture, Mayan cosmology and modern Mayan culture.