Two weeks of political history and performance at the Middle School

The Middle School students have been extremely busy during the last two weeks! Dan Maier-Katkin, alumni parent, came to talk with us on November 2 about the U.S. Constitution. We learned new insights concerning the formation of our Constitution. For instance, the students learned just how difficult it was for our founding fathers to agree on ratifying the Constitution. It wasn’t until May 29, 1790, after much debate, that Rhode Island voted, by two votes, to ratify the document and became the last of the original 13 colonies to join the United States. The U.S. Constitution is the oldest written constitution in operation in the world.

On Tuesday morning, the middle school students went to the polling precinct at San Luis to cast their votes. The Democrat reported the results of kids voting later in the week. Since Tuesday, we have been studying and debating the effectiveness of the Electoral College versus popular vote in our country.

We have also been working on our Gardening observations every Tuesday. (Our latest project concerns mold.). We met with our P.E. coach Thursday morning to play basketball at Levy Park. Daniel focused on the rules of the game and showed us how to have fun and still play more safely when we are on the playground at school.

In Language Arts, the students have been working on their persuasive essays as well as learning their lines for the group play and various events they will be performing at school. They have worked on writing their own scenes and are completing character analyses for their roles. Many of the students are also members of Thespians and will be traveling to Jacksonville on the first weekend in December (Nov. 30–Dec. 1) to perform their group play and individual events.