This is science? But it's so fun!

Our first, 4-week-long theme of the year is titled "Bubble-ology," or the science of bubbles. One of the functions of our first theme is to promote community building and what better way to achieve that but by blowing bubbles all together? So on Week 1, the whole school will gather Monday through Thursday after lunch to explore how to make all kinds of bubbles, ask questions about bubbles, experiment with water drops and surface tension without and with soap, all the while activating and honing their observing and recording skills. Starting on Week 2, the middle school students will switch their bubble exploration time to the morning while the elementary school students will keep it in the afternoon, Tuesday through Thursday. Other science topics will include buoyancy, polarity, iridescence, bubble habitat, and building a lava lamp. The theme will be integrated in the math curriculum by measuring bubbles and their angles of contact, and by discussing minimal surfaces; it will be integrated in the language-art curriculum by looking at speech and thought bubbles in comic books, by composing list poems, and by talking about bubble-related metaphors; and it will be integrated in the art curriculum by looking at classical paintings that include bubble-blowing, by making "bubble art", and by talking about glass-blowing.

As always, please step up and contact your child's teacher or Sophie if you have a particular expertise, artifact or personal contact that could enrich the theme.

This theme addresses Next Generation Science Standards related to: observation, measurement, interpretation, and properties of matter.