Theme news: campaign for school colors underway

An overwhelming 29 statements of intent to campaign for school colors were filed by the October 4 deadline, 25 of them declared valid by The Magnolia School Supervisor of Elections. To narrow down the choices to a more manageable number prior to the October 19 vote, a primary election was deemed necessary. A poster-size ballot with all 25 choices of colors was created and the elementary school held its primary election on Thursday, October 11. The middle school will hold its primary at the beginning of the week, once back and recovered from Rendezvous.

In order to ensure maximum participation on voting day, the Supervisor of Election was also busy checking and completing all the registration forms from the elementary school students and teachers, and will do the same exercise for the middle school students and teachers. Alumni families, kindly remind your own ex Magnolia student(s) to register as well prior to Friday.

This week will be a week of intense campaigning for the colors that will remain on the final ballot. Do expect both excitement from the students whose colors were retained and frustration from those whose colors were not. Keeping to the Magnolia Path during the process (Show Respect, Work Together, Do Your Best, Take Initiative) is one of the goals of the whole exercise.

Visitors: We are very pleased and honored to announce a visit from Leon County Supervisor of Elections Ion Sancho this Wednesday, 9 a.m., at the middle school.