The results are in: Rainbow wins election!

Our vote for The Magnolia School Colors took place at school Oct. 19th (current students), electronically through Oct. 21st (alumni) and in person into Oct. 22nd (teachers). The ballot featured three different color palettes, each accompanied by a statement written at Exploration time by groups of students under Sunshine's guidance. She helped them research color meanings, decide among themselves which would best embody their idea of the school, and write the statement on their own. She was quite pleased with the result. See for yourself:

  • Rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue violet): Rainbows allow each color to shine and be an individual while still beautifully working together.
  • Purple and Gold: Purple represents creativity, magic, and mystery. Gold represents life, wealth and success.
  • Turquoise and Gold: Turquoise represents tranquility, loyalty and harmony with nature. Gold represents the sun, wealth and success.

The results of the vote are as follows:

  • 67 votes total
  • Rainbow: 29 votes
  • Purple and Gold: 13 votes
  • Turquoise and Gold: 24 votes

Rainbow won, even though more than half of the voters favored another choice. In a two-round system, a new election would be called to see which of Rainbow and Turquoise & Gold wins the majority vote. But in the American "First Past The Post" system, Rainbow simply wins and long live Rainbow! This is a good educational opportunity to ponder over terms such as "plurality" and "majority," and explore the benefits and drawbacks of other electoral systems worldwide.

We had planned another vote to elect the next Supervisor of Elections, but no candidate stepped forward, so Sunshine will continue to serve in that position, with support. Our next election will involve students voting for a cause they wish to adopt.


We are very grateful to Ion Sancho, Leon County Supervisor of Elections, for his visit to the middle school Wednesday, Oct. 17th. Dan Maier-Katkin will be coming to the middle school next Monday to talk about the U.S. Constitution.

Theme-related event

Consider taking your child with you when you vote on or before Nov. 6th.