'Bubbleology" woven into art, science, math ... even language arts

Our Bubbleology theme is doing well, thank you. Students, in many cases led by the Middle School students, have been busy comparing various dish-washing solutions to determine which allows them to blow the biggest and longest-lasting bubbles, and determining the best way to measure them. The Middle Schoolers will take much of this information and present it to their younger peers at the end of the theme. Middle School students have been learning about different methods of finding averages during math (using, what else...bubbles!) as well as during explorations. They practiced, in small groups, the necessary skills of finding and presenting relevant information from current event articles—all having something to do with bubbles. They are also working on writing short stories using a bubble-based organizational style.

Several more explorations of bubble-related concepts are planning in the next two weeks (surface tension, for example). Our next theme, The Vote, lasting 9 weeks, will start September 17, in time for the presidential election.