Director's Corner: On Our Community Meeting

Please find below a summary of the Magnolia Community meeting, which took place last week. After welcoming the families new to our community, introducing the staff and the Board members in attendance, Sophie (Wacongne-Speer) lead participants into introducing themselves by mentioning something they liked to see or hear or touch or smell or taste (in honor of our first theme of the year: the Five Senses). Groups of five or six participants were then formed, including "old" and "new" community members, to explain to each other and record their reasons for choosing the school. We also heard from Max how the school just adopted its new “Path” Katy (McGlynn) then took the floor to review house-keeping matters. Katy reminded everyone to turn in their registration forms, without which we cannot put together the school directory, or release students to anyone but a parent, or authorize students to attend field trips, or administer proper medical help in case of an emergency, or send invitations to join the Magnolia Yahoo list for email notifications. She talked about parent folders, our in school mailboxes that parents are urged to check daily (for our biweekly newsletter, notes from teachers, field trip notices, invoices, etc…); our sign-in/sign-out forms, that need to be filled at drop-off and pick-up time so there is never any uncertainty about whom is in attendance during the school day or the after-school hours; and parents jobs (please contact Katy or Sophie if your parent job is not settled yet).

Katy then introduced our latest handbook, the reference guide to our philosophy, procedures and traditions, including classroom schedules, the school year calendar, and, for your information and peace of mind, the procedures the staff has been trained to follow in case of various emergencies. Every family needs to receive a handbook, and, because of a requirement from our Early Learning Coalition partner, needs to sign a form attesting it has been received. Kindly stop by the office for your handbook if you couldn't attend the Community meeting.

As Katy was talking about the school calendar, she made everyone aware of upcoming events: the monthly Magnolia bake sale on First Friday nights at Railroad Square (for more information, contact Alyssa McManus); the Parents Education Night (tonight!); the 2011 Shoreline Clean-Up (see page 1); our fall camping trip (which we want to start on Thursday, Nov. 10th, the day before Veterans' Day, hence the need for families to plan ahead). Katy also mentioned the Outreach Events we hold throughout the year to make Magnolia School known to the wider community. Volunteer help for these events will be solicited as they near.