Students studying how animals adapt to different amounts of available water

Our Water theme is presently focusing on the water cycle and where the water is (ocean, rivers, glaciers, lakes, wetlands, aquifers), and is about to investigate various climatic regions and how plants and animals have adapted to different amounts of available water. Related field trips:

  • The elementary school went to Bear Creek Educational Forest last Thursday, the middle school will follow this Thursday (May 2).
  • All continue sampling and analyzing water from near-by sources.
  • And the middle schoolers will spend Friday (May 3) at the Florida State University Marine Laboratory in St. Teresa on Highway 98, participating in the Saturday-at-the-Sea program

Expected speakers in the next three weeks include:

  • Lorin Pratt, from the City of Tallahassee Utility Marketing group 
  • Karen Rubin, from TAPP (Think About Personal Pollution Campaign) 
  • Dan McClarnon, from the Division of Historical Resources of the Florida Department of State (a.k.a. Sofia's dad)