Slate writer makes the 'case against grades'

New York-based writer Michael Thompson has written a thought-provoking piece in the online magazine Slate. There's no shortage of things to blame for America's educational doldrums, from so-called "bad teachers" to standardized testing, lack of funding, and too much bureaucracy, he writes. But what does Thompson blame? Grades. 

Grading students, from A to F, has become synonymous with education itself, he writes.

"It's becoming increasingly clear that the rigid and judgmental foundation of modern education is the origin point for many of our worst qualities, making it harder for many to learn because of its negative reinforcement, encouraging those who do well to gradually favor the reward of an A over the discovery of new ways of thinking, and reinforcing harsh class divides that are only getting worse as the economy idles."

The Magnolia School shares this philosophy (see, Directors Corner: On Assessments, for example). Read the article on Slate, and share it in your social media circles.