Skeletal system the focus of week seven of the Human Body theme

We are entering the seventh week of the Human Body Theme and, just in time for Halloween, the elementary school is tackling the skeletal system. Look forward to stories of bones turned soft enough to knot after soaking a couple of days in vinegar. Consider spending some time on the computer with your child, exploring activities from "Body Depot," a site developed by Arizona State of University's School of Life Sciences. "Busy Bones" supports nicely this week's unit by offering a Skeleton Viewer, and detailed information and animations on Bone Anatomy, Broken Bones and Bone Healing. There is also a game titled "Viral Attack" that supports what the students just learned on the Immune System, and an activity titled "Monster Manual" that introduces the concept of a code containing the body characteristics of a monster under construction—a fun introduction to the notion of genetic code.

Next week the elementary school students will study the respiratory system and witness or participate in the dissection of a sheep pluck, an activity already successfully conducted at the middle school. We are also expecting a presentation on the dangers of smoking by someone from the American Lung Association on Wednesday, November 6, at 1:30 p.m.