Parent/teacher gardening guild restores elementary garden to its former glory

A determined and hard-working group showed up May 11 for the parent/teacher gardening guild. Sue and Robert Ray, Sophie Wacongne-Speer and Emilie, Debbie Sane, Katie Rusmisell and Sharon McQueen pulled weeds, prepared beds, set up new trellises, and, of course, planting! Please go visit the garden to see all the changes and how beautiful it looks. Several members of our community, including Phoenix Minklei, the Raults, Sharon and Sophie, shared plants for the guild. Donated plants included heirloom tomato plants, eggplants, pumpkin plants, Mexican sunflowers and marigolds. We dug up quite a few Ironweed plants that are in a bucket of water sitting by the entrance of the garden. If anyone in our community would like to bring any plants home please help yourself; they are all by the garden fence close to the garden entrance. Thanks again to all who brought plants and/or worked in the garden!