Parent's night the school, and other PTO news

Calling all party animals! We are having a party at school. Bella Bella has agreed to donate lasagna and the PTO is providing child care so it will be a fun, free event. Come for dinner and bring a side dish for pot luck, or stop by later to hang out. The kids will be at the elementary school, very much like our traditional parent's night out, and the grown-ups will be at the middle school. The kids are allowed to come over the bridge but there will not be child care provided at the middle school. So bring your cards, music, games, and party tricks on Saturday March 8 from 5:30-8:30! It'll be great to catch up with each other. It won't be long until we are ready to start selling our coupon books. We have had some great donations and can't wait to go try some good, local food! We hope each family will try to sell just a few books to their family and friends. If everyone puts out just a little effort to get it out there then we can turn this into something really exciting over the next year.

Our next PTO meeting will be Monday, March 10 from 5:45 to 7:00 p.m. As always, everyone is welcome to join us and child care and pizza will be provided. We will be tying up any loose ends before spring break and planning our last few projects before the end of the year. If there are any projects you would like to see accomplished this year now is the time to bring them before the PTO.