News from the 'pickle patch'

Over the past week, our backroom “pickle patch” has been engaged in a variety of poetry, fractions, art, and music activities. On Wednesday, Ben Jacobs (also known as Oliver's dad) visited our room and spoke with the students about haiku poetry: its origin, style/format, and characteristics. Ben, who has has studied and speaks several different languages, enjoys writing and reading haiku. The students seemed to be impressed by the fact that there are so many ways to say and write different words. We learned that there are over 200 words to describe the season spring!

First drafts of students’ haiku are due September 9th; self-edits and second drafts are due on the 10th; peer-edits are due on the 14th; teacher-edits will be on the 15th-16th (or before for those working at a faster pace); and final products will be due on the 16th. Students who finish early will be writing a 2nd haiku as well as possibly trying their hands at writing more challenging haiku (which are composed of more lines).

Julie has been helping students create distinctive backgrounds for their individual haiku. Pioneer Pickles have also been doing math-art with her. There are several examples of our math-art hanging on the large bulletin board. So far our math-art has focused on skip counting (spirograph looking art) and tessellations (M.C. Escher type work). Many of the pickles spent time carefully skip counting in order to achieve beautiful, finished products!

Rita is back as a third math teacher for the backroom. We are excited to have her!

The safe place has been moved from the windowsill to under a table near the computers. Please remind your kids that the safe place is not a place to avoid class. The safe place is for children who are having a hard time in class, are feeling sad, or are having difficulties with another person.

We have a notebook in the safe place for children to write their problems or feelings in. After the child is done with the writing he or she can give the paper to a teacher to talk about it or leave it in there for the teacher to read and file away later.