Music theme rings in the new school year

Our first theme of the year is “Making Music Together!” Week 1, devoted to the questions “Where does music come from?” and “How does sound travels?” was organized so that the middle and elementary school students spent as much time as possible together, to get acquainted and comfortable and thus build our school family.

The middle school students prepared activities on sound propagation, which they subsequently taught to their younger peers. Everyone built simple instruments out of recycled materials on Thursday, prior to playing these instruments together. The middle school even had its first guest speaker Friday: alumnus Jasper Brey, who presently studies music composition at Vanderbilt. Jasper introduced the students to some basic ideas about composition, which the students were invited to put into practice.

From now on, each week will focus on a different topic or concept, such as contrasts, rhythm, or pitch, and will feature a composer from a different period (Gabrieli, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Stravinsky and Copeland).

In the elementary school, every Thursday will be devoted to instrument practice and rehearsals. We expect many guest speakers for this theme and will do our best to inform you ahead of time of their visits.

How to support your child at home? Listening at home to music by the composer of the week (this week Giovanni Gabrieli) would be a great idea! There are lots of music samples to be found on YouTube.

The theme continue through the first week of October.