Music theme culminates with performance

The last two weeks of the Playing Music Together theme are dedicated to, well, playing music together! The end of the theme will culminate with a public performance Friday, October 2 at 1:00 p.m. Come early and join us for lunch, which will start at noon that day. This week, students will rotate one more time through groups devoted respectively to glockenspiels, boom whackers, and voice, and, next week, Explorations time will be devoted to rehearsals. Featured composers are Igor Stravinsky this week and Aaron Copland next week.

Guest speakers:

Last Thursday, our very own Casey Gooding presented his brass instruments and trumpet playing talents.

Lori Gooding, from the FSU College of Music, gave a presentation last Thursday in which she reinforced the concept that sound is vibration, explained how the ear works, and taught students how to protect their ears. Each student got a pair of earplugs to take home.

John George will be talking about woodwind instruments and playing his saxophone Tuesday afternoon.

Musical performances near you:

Even though our theme is drawing to an end, there are plenty of opportunities in town to continue exposing your child to various styles of music.

The following website, from the FSU College of Music, gives a list of upcoming events. Note that a non-negligible number of events are free and take place in the afternoon, sometimes on Sundays. Check out the FSU College of Music calendar, and the Council for Culture and Arts website for things to do, see, and hear around town.