Middle schoolers learn and teach in first week

The middle school has had a very busy but great first week of school! A chore chart and classroom jobs have already been established, and students spent four fun-filled days with the elementary school in the afternoon, both learning and teaching. We learned things about the ear and sound waves, and even made homemade musical instruments. Based on what we learned, we conducted simple experiments for the elementary school students. Math groups are hard at work, Friends and Family pages are finished, and the new lockers are almost done being painted! And we are very happy to welcome our new teacher, Casey Gooding.

Last week we spent extra time in the elementary school in order to get to know all the students and teachers on our campus. This week we begin our regular schedule of Explorations in the morning and Language Arts in the afternoon. For homework, students are to read for 30 minutes every night for the entire school year.

Our first current event report is due this Friday, August 28.

The middle school needs some guitars for the music theme, so any extra unused guitars would be much appreciated as well.