Middle School news, week of 9/21

Walkabout Proposals are due tomorrow! If you have any questions about your child's project, please contact Paige. Please help your child find time in his or her schedule for our standing homework assignment: read for 30 minutes each night. We got off to a great start, but we have lost momentum in the last two weeks. Independent reading is a one of the most powerful learning activities that we can provide for our children.

We have a great group of singers and have begun work on two small group musical numbers and a short play to be performed during the school music program October 2. Students should be practicing their lines and music at home so that everyone is confident in their roles by September 28 (next Monday).

Many thanks to Ben Jacobs for visiting last week to give us an introduction to Italian (and share his very beautiful copy of Dante’s Divine Comedies), to Lori Gooding for teaching us how to protect our hearing, and to Casey for demonstrating all his brass instruments. We are very fortunate to have such an accomplished and generous parent community to enrich our curriculum.