Middle School News, Week of 2/8

by Casey Gooding

The last two weeks have been extremely busy for the Middle School. We have begun our new theme "Wagons, Ho!" during which we will be learning about the westward expansion of America. Our timeline covers most of the 19th century and focuses on emigration to the west.

This past weekend the Middle School students attended the Florida State Junior Thespians Festival in Longwood. We were able to see some outstanding performances from Middle School Thespians throughout the state and to perform many of our pieces from District Thespians. Several performances, including Emma Stanton's monologue, Trevor Lee's solo musical and "Super Squad" (Grayson Pittman, Riley Branham, Jacob Gooding, Aidan McConnell, Grant Munson and Nicholas Homann) earned "Excellent" ratings. That was no small feat for this State Festival. The students had a fantastic time and learned a tremendous amount about acting and working as a team.