Middle School news: d'wali, drama, and more

By Genevieve Jacobs In the two weeks before winter break, the middle school class went on a field trip to the Christmas connection. We did a lot to help the families in the Christmas connection this year.

New computers, Macs, were installed and we researched and wrote down facts about animals. We also made small Indian lamps and some relief maps of India.

We learned that Macbeth is going to state. Paige made a schedule for Macbeth and It’s a Pig rehearsals. She assigned us a history paper on a nonviolent protest. We also learned about latitude and longitude and practiced finding spots on the globe. The middle school class had a d’wali celebration. We enjoyed learning the moves to an impressive looking dance and tried the samosas, dal and barfee. Some of us did henna and some made a rangoli outside on the ground. Henna involves drawing a design or picture on a person’s hand with a paste of a ground plant called henna which temporarily stains the skin underneath. A rangoli is a design some Indian people put outside their doors. Some have certain symbols meaning certain things but most are supposed to symbolize "welcome."