Middle school news

So far, the middle school students have been doing an exceptional job of completing written assignments on time; our new students, in particular, have made an impressive commitment to stepping up to the demands of middle school—so keep up the good work, everyone! We're grateful to guest speakers Sue Ray and Adam Berkowitz, who visited during Language Arts last week. Adam not only demonstrated the rudiments of drumming, but also gave the middle school class a crash course in drumming history, while Sue presented a great introduction to journalism to kick off our new writing project, a short history of The Magnolia School (timed to coincide with the 30th anniversary party).

During Explorations, students are learning to read musical notation and practicing their skills on the boom-whackers and recorders. We are also learning about major composers and instrument families from Casey and appreciate his first-hand knowledge about playing music and performing professionally.

Last Friday, students took home Walkabout planning sheets to help them prepare their first Walkabout proposals of the year. Please support your child in brainstorming and identifying projects that are of interest to him/her. The proposal is due September 22 and requires a parent signature. Students should also continue reading at least 30 minutes each night at home for an average of 125 pages per week.