Middle School News

These first two weeks have been very productive. We have already gone on two field trips. On the first Friday we enjoyed a canoeing and swimming field trip to Ochlockonee River State Park and on the following Friday we delivered lunches for Meals on Wheels.

During Language Arts, the students have been studying and writing poetry, and learning that “Perception is the first act of the imagination.” (William Carlos Williams.) They have been learning strategies to help with reading comprehension, practicing important vocal expression skills (which were helpful when they presented the skit, Shubert’s Big Voice, at the elementary school and during buddy reading in the front room) and have finished writing their first reading journal entry. This week students will be turning in and presenting their second written current event, turning in a draft of a poem on Thursday and write and present limericks.

In Explorations, they have been learning about the 2010 USDA food guide, called MyPlate and have presented information about the five basic food groups. We have discussed what we already know about food nutrition and what we want to learn. They have completed a Hydration Activity to learn how much water each of us should be drinking daily and three days last week they helped the elementary students conduct experiments involving chemical changes in food and how to test for starch. More importantly they gained and shared skills in how to set up an experiment and became more connected to the elementary students. The 

We have also been working on our leadership skills. Students are helping to set up our classroom in a manner based on Dr. Bailey’s Conscious Discipline program. We now have student “jobs,” a daily commitment, a wish-well board and community afternoon chores that we all participate in. All of these leadership skills are helping build our middle school and wider community connections.