Middle-school news

By Genevieve Jacobs

These past two weeks, Adrian Fogelin visited the middle school. The middle school class (Bread on Bread) developed characters using a new technique they learned from Adrian. Then they started writing a short story about those characters. On September 6th, Bread on Bread went on a field trip to see the places Adrian wrote about in her books.

On the 13th, they went on another field trip to F.A.R., the Facility for Arts Research. Sharon made a point of asking if leaving a book open and face down was good for the binding. The middle schoolers learned about relief printing and laser printers. Everyone made a relief print and saw several different types of books including stapleless books. They had made stapleless books before the field trip for an end-of-theme event where the elementary school came to the middle school after Bread on Bread went over to the elementary school. Bread on Bread also displayed plaster with cuneiform (an early form of writing) engraved into it and examples of Illumination (fancy/decorated letters). Some people showed the scrolls or codices they had made in exploration.

All the middle school students have turned in at least one current event and talked to Katy about their walkabout. A current event is a summary of an article published in the last month. It has to have a five or more sentence summary, a three or four sentence personal response and the title, date and author of the article plus the name of the student. All of the students also started gardening in small groups during D.E.AR. and received jobs such as reporter (writing an article for the newsletter) and feng shui (pronounced fung-sh-way) master (putting the furniture where it belongs).