Mayans theme begins as Vote theme ends...with a vote

Our "Mayans" theme is well engaged. Elementary students spent their first week exploring the four different topics among which they can choose to focus on for two weeks: Mayan hieroglyphs, Mayan culture (past and present), Mayan architecture, or Mayan cosmology and mythology. On the last week of the theme, they will share what they learned with each other. Also on the program: seasons and the Mayan number system (which uses base 20 instead of base 10!). The result of our final vote for last theme is: Hungry Howie’s Pizza won the vote over Brooklyn Pizza by 27 to 21. We will begin ordering from Hungry Howie’s after the winter holidays. Fewer students voted on the chicken issue; however, the majority of students voted “yes” to having chickens at school. Final vote was 24 to 19. There will need to be further discussion with the board, staff and school community before we can get the final approval on the chickens.