Magnolia student earns top honors in sonnet competition

Magnolia School eighth grader Genevieve Jacobs is the winner of the Southern Shakespeare Festival’s Sonnet Competition, middle school division. This is only the most recent honor for Genevieve, who already is an accomplished poet. Genevieve’s poem, “Cat and Laser,” is published in today’s Tallahassee Democrat, and will be read as part of three-day festival's activities. She also receives a $50 gift certificate to Carrabba's Italian Grill and a 6-month, 7-day subscription to the Tallahassee Democrat, which sponsored the competition. Genevieve and the other winners will be recognized during the Saturday performance.

“Cat and Laser” by Genevieve Jacobs

There it is! that quick, evasive dot, a soundless, odorless, matter less, seizing glow a hypnotizing incarnadine little spot impossibly fast, shimmering, formidable foe. All of me vibrating with tension now I crouch. Back! Forth! Back! Forth! Back! I strike! I pounce! I chase it under the couch. It remains at large, despite my hunter’s knack, speedily darting and dashing everywhere. It always dodges with escapist skill, shivering, streaking, circling near my lair. I have it not and yet I see it still. I’ll always hunt this so elusive prey. I will catch it. I will! Just not today.