Magnolia School awarded Protect Florida Springs Grant

 The Magnolia School has been granted $3,500 from the Wildlife Foundation of Florida through the Protect Florida Springs tag grant program for fiscal year 2013-14. Our project, "Rhodes Spring Environmental Assessment," will involve the middle school students under the expert guidance of Dr. Sean McGlynn, an environmental scientist with technical expertise in water quality and aquatic system ecology.

 The goal of the project is to provide a chemical and biological baseline assessment of Rhodes Springs in Wakulla County prior to increased development. It will involve gathering observations and collecting field samples during repeated field trips, then analyzing the samples and mapping the data—hands-on learning at its best. It is also planned that the students will create a display of their research results that will subsequently be exhibited at yearly community events such as the Museum of Florida's Children's Day, the Mag Lab Open House, and our Earth Day celebrations. 

Our present Water theme is a steppingstone to the project in that next year middle school students will already have learned some basics about water, water sampling and water analysis.