Magnolia continues participation in Holiday Angels program

Big Bend Cares, a local HIV/AIDS Service Organization provides Holiday Angels through the support of community members and organizations each year to over 275 children. Each of the children selected for this program lives in a family that is affected by HIV/AIDS each day and most of them live well below the federal poverty level. For many years, the Magnolia School has been a “Holiday Angel” for two families (the same two families) matched to our school by Big Bend Cares. If you are willing to participate in this worthy program, please:

  1. Take a “mitten” off the box that is located in the front room near the sign-in sheets.
  2. Sign the line in the space where the mitten was so that we have a record of who will be providing what.
  3. Buy the gift listed on the mitten.
  4. Bring the gift and place it in the box. Gifts can be wrapped or unwrapped. Please just be sure to tag the gift with the family number and the child’s name.

Please return all gifts to the box by 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 5.