Les Calmars Terrestres en Action

(Or, "The Landsquids in Action")

Every year, our back-room French class adopts French first names; practices greetings; follows directions for various movements (stand, jump, turn, sit, etc.); learns to count to at least 20; learns the French alphabet; practices at least one song that highlights a vowel sound; and enjoys playing Chat Perché.

In addition, students do activities linked to the theme the school currently studies. Because of the Human Body theme this year, Les Calmars Terrestres (the Landsquidz) learned how to name in French a number of body parts, followed directions such as “touch your knees with your hands, learned a hand clapping game, and learned a traditional French song describing how to plant cabbage (sic!) with various body parts (finger, elbow, nose, etc.).

Because of the mapping activities during the India theme, they learned how to draw a map of France inside a hexagon and locate a few salient geographical features in and around France. For of the Paleontology theme, we read a French picture book featuring a little Cro-Magnon boy drawing on his cave’s wall, and we watched photos of the Lascaux Cave and of the Carnac Stones.

And for the Florida History theme, we talked about the Tallahassee Lafayette Land Grant and about a traditional business French people tend to be known for: the French pastry shop.

Finally, we try each year to have a more challenging activity for the benefit of the students in their third year of French. This year, it was spelling (in French!).

The Landsquidz are (more or less) ready Les Calmars Terrestres sont prêts
for an end-of-year French show. pour un spectacle de fin d’année.
It will take place: Il aura lieu:
Tuesday, May 20th at 9:00am Mardi 20 mai à 9h
in the back-room. dans la salle du fond.
See you there! Venez les voir!