History and science blend together as middle school students study springs

By Sharon MacQueen During the last two weeks, the majority of the middle school students have presented their history projects that pertained to non-violent protests that helped bring about positive change. In Language Arts students have been learning about sentence structure and the four types of sentences: declarative, interrogative, imperative and exclamatory. They have been learning what makes a great sentence and how to identify direct objects, verbs and subjects.

Explorations has been going great. Students have been learning about what types of tools they will need in order to fully research the spring we are studying. Also, they have been learning about the different information they will need to gather to answer pertinent questions concerning the spring. The whole school visited the Natural Bridge Historic Park on Friday to learn about the battle that was fought there to protect our state capital, Tallahassee. We will have two guest presentations during the next two weeks: Sean McGlynn will talk about how to take chemical analysis of the spring and what we can learn from this and Jay Kamke will talk about the type of plants growing near springs and what they can indicate.