Graduation at Silver Lake: A Magnolia tradition

One of the most cherished Magnolia School traditions is the annual graduation ceremony at Silver Lake. Each year, students, parents, extended family and Magnolia community members travel to Silver Lake to celebrate the last day of school and to honor the 5th and 8th grade graduates. Graduating students post a list of the foods they most like, and volunteers make or bring those foods (when feasible!) to the potluck, which starts after a morning of swimming and game playing.

Lunch is followed by the graduation ceremony. Each student asks a teacher or many teachers to speak on their behalf. The tributes are often both funny and moving, and usually bring someone to tears. It’s a time to reflect on how much the students have grown—both physically and emotionally.

But perhaps the best part of graduation (for students anyway), is the “pieing of the graduates.” As the name implies, non-graduating students get to plant a whipped cream pie in the faces of the graduates, after which everyone runs to the lake to clean up.

This year’s graduation takes place Wednesday, May 28. Congratulations to the fifth graders who are “crossing the bridge” (quite literally), and to the 8th graders, who begin a new adventure in high school.