Front Room news, week of 9/21

by Pam Maldonado & Juni Bambach “Walkie Talkie” cups (student named) were exciting to make for science and so much fun to use. Ask a sunflower student how they work.

Our seedlings will be ready to put in our garden box soon. The predictions were a bit off yet students are so happy a plant emerged from a seed.

The job time we spent experiencing sound was amazing. The class sat outside, recorded all the sounds they heard in their science notebooks, then we shared what we learned along with reviewing why we could hear the things we heard. We also had the same sound experience inside.

Have you read our Sunflower book yet? It is in the “books read in circle” basket. Be sure to check it out. It was a very involved process.

Sunflower students are working hard practicing for the music presentation coming

October 2. We will do a short play with instruments and puppets, along with a round using instruments.