Front Room News, Week of 10/19

by Pam Maldonado & Juni Bambach

  • Have you noticed that the plants in our box garden are beginning to grow bigger? Students have recorded in their science notebooks what they have noticed since we planted them a couple of weeks ago.
  • Sunflower students are excited about participating in lots of experiments for our new theme on energy.
  • Thanks for doing the home conferences with your Sunflower student. They worked hard preparing them to teach their family.
  • Tuesday, the Sunflower class got to participate in a drum lesson. It was presented by Music Therapy students from the FSU College of Music. We had fun! Thank you to Lori Gooding for providing this and future opportunities.
  • Halloween books are out! We have a whole basket of Halloween books as a reading choice for students. These books bring great joy to our Sunflower class especially when they read them with a buddy.
  • Yay! We got a new CD/cassette player! Thanks Jamison’s family, Marsha, for purchasing one for us. We will use it daily.