Front Room news

by Pam Maldonado & Juni Bambach  Bulletin boards around the school are beginning to transform into theme boards. Ask the Jaguars how they are helping.

  • Jaguar students are working on their practice Original Works picture. We want to get it just right for our final picture.
  • P.E. was inside a week ago; it was a muddy day. We did some cooperative movement and balloon activities. FUN! After our field trip there was not much time yet we still did some following directions on the playground in the form of an obstacle course.
  • The Jaguar students were so excited to go on an adventure Friday. The entire experience was thrilling. Ask a Jaguar his or her favorite part of the Natural Bridge trip.
  • Check out our new spring collage cubby covers.
  • Shadows have begun. Jaguar students are taking turns helping out the visitors to make sure they feel welcome, are safe, and are informed of what to do. Thanks Jaguar students!