From energy to Viva Mexico!

Thank you to all the Magnolia community members who showed up before our Thanksgiving Feast last Monday to tour our Energy Fair! Lots of human energy, excitement and good work clearly went into the projects. Our new theme, starting this week and lasting until January 22, is titled “Viva Mexico!” and will focus on the geography and culture of Mexico, with some historical strands as well. At the elementary school, it will be organized around six stations that will have a different specialty and different activities. Stations will cover animals, food, festivals, people, regions, culture, and more.

During “big circle” (1:30–2:00 p.m.), students will be exposed to new topics on Tuesdays, music on Wednesdays, and a folktale on Thursdays. We are planning on lots of craft, several speakers, and a Mexican end-of-theme dinner on Thursday, January 21.

Do come share if you have expertise in anything Mexican!