Florida History theme now underway

Both elementary and middle schools are now starting the last theme of the school year, Florida History. Ending the Springs theme in the middle school means an end to the instruction related to that theme. Some field work and analysis for our funded Natural Bridge Historic State Park spring project will, however, continue in parallel with the Florida History theme; we will try to involve in priority our more science-oriented students. In the elementary school, the Florida History theme will be organized as follows:

  • 3 weeks devoted to Native American Cultures, focusing on the fact that there were stable cultures prior to the arrival of the Spanish and on how different environments favored different cultures; this will be the opportunity to consolidate mapping skills practiced during our India theme.
  • 3 weeks devoted to the Five Flags of Florida, explaining how different parts of Florida changed hands from colonial to Civil War to present times; the respective roles of the Spanish, the French, and the British will be studied, along with the Seminole Wars.
  • 1 week devoted to industries, focusing on the interaction between environment and economy, influential entrepreneurs and the role of technology for growth.
  • 1 last week devoted to presentations on the theme.  

Field trips to Mission San Luis are scheduled for both the middle and elementary schools, as is a field trip to the Panhandle Pioneer Settlement in Blountstown.

While at Torreya State Park during our Spring Camping Trip this coming weekend, consider checking out remnants of the Civil War; reflecting on the role of the Civilian Conservation Corps in creating the park; and visiting the Gregory House. You can prepare your visit by consulting the Florida State Parks history pages.

Florida-history-related museums and sites are numerous in our area. Now is a good time to take your child(ren) to: