Everyone has a job in this "school family"

This year, as part of creating the School Family, every student in every classroom has a class job. The Front Room job chart is located next to the front door. Children rotate jobs every week, with favorite jobs including Line Leader and Bell Ringer (this person rings the bells to indicate it is time to transition to another activity).

In the Back Room the job chart is on the white board. Back Room students have jobs like Bathroom Checker, the person who makes sure the bathroom supplies are in stock, and Lights, the person who turns off the lights when the class leaves the room. They change jobs every two weeks.

Middle school students have jobs with very creative names. Lunch Lady or Lad is the person who monitors the kitchen during lunch to make sure everyone washes his or her own dishes and uses the microwave at the proper time. Guru is the person who writes an inspirational message on the chalk board every day. The middle school students change their jobs each week.

Teachers and staff have jobs, too. Pam is our grouper. Juniper is our lost and found coordinator. Julie organizes the Art room. Sally coordinates our thank you notes. Sunshine is our technology helper. Sharon organizes the middle school kitchen. Paige organizes the Science Resource room. Sophie coordinates work in the libraries. And Katy changes the sign. Of course the teachers have more than one job, but this gives you an idea of how everyone is working together to contribute.

We are all in this together!