Endlessly Changing Energy, Week 3

Our new theme, Endlessly Changing Energy, is entering its third week. During Theme Circle, the 20 to 30 minutes front- and back-room students spend together at the beginning of their Exploration period, they ere / will be introduced to light and Thomas Edison during Week 2, heat, Robert Bunsen, Anders Celsius and Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit during Week 3 and the energy of life, Gregor Mendel and Barbara McClintock during Week 4.

Science experiments had / will have to do with radiant energy, endothermic and exothermic reactions, and biology. Last week, front room students built a model of the eye, experimented with bending light, compared the light from a candle to the light from the sun, built a kaleidoscope and observed a radiometer. Back room students explored reactions absorbing or producing heat, using baking soda, calcium chloride, vinegar and iron oxide. Students from both classrooms spent their Exploration period together on Thursday, rotating around stations demonstrating various behaviors of light.

The elementary school field trip to Simpler Solar Systems has been postponed to Thursday, October 29th.

The middle school students have been exploring similar topics, using the scientific process more systematically: predicting, observing, recording, and thinking critically about the results. Their field trip to Simpler Solar Systems will probably take place in November.