Elementary School News

In the Front Room …

  • The Platypus class is working hard to create wonderful pictures. Original art works orders will be coming home soon!
  • During science the Platypus class learned how to use (and experimented with) microscopes, which will come in handy during our next theme, Water.
  • Check out the new “flower” cubby covers the students just put up. We used an hour of our time practicing eye-hand coordination to create these amazing creations.
  • Sharla stopped by to visit. We were all smiles seeing her and baby Zinnia. Sharla will be back to work Monday!

In the Back Room …

Students have been:

  • Preparing for our mythology festival with different groups, one doing a shadow play, one making slingshots, and another doing a play about how color came to the world.
  • Using teacher edits to finalized our fables.
  • Feasting on food from our Chainsaw song (cheese and cupcakes, pizza and salad, chicken fingers and tangerines) to celebrate a visit from Sharla and Zinnia.
  • Creating mythology-related word searches  on the computer (and branching out with other word search creations based on names, nicknames and even cat breeds).