Dispatches from the Middle School

The middle school St. Patrick’s Day dance was very successful. Ten out of the 14 students participated, as well as several guests. Everyone had a great time—lots of dancing and eating! We began our new theme, Water, transitioning from Mythology by reading a West African myth about rain. The students worked in groups and created several awesome-looking rain sticks. On Thursday, they conducted several experiments exploring the weight of water as affected by temperature, shape and density as related to sinking or floating of objects placed in water, and volume by displacement of water.

In Language Arts, students are completing their work on apostrophes and learning about the four kinds of metrical feet—Iamb, Trochee, Dactyl and Anapest—as they begin a unit on poetry. On Friday, they had a free-write on any subject having to do with water. They also listened to a dramatic reading of “Water Falls, Land Moves,” written by Valeria Girandola. Afterwards, each student was given a verse from the reading and asked to draw a picture representing the verse. Our completed water cycle can be seen posted on one of the main-room walls at the middle school.

We have several field trips coming up, including a Water Rocket challenge for any middle school students who may want to compete during our Earth Day field trip to the state Capitol on April 19th.