Director's Corner: On Valentine's Day

Seventy valentines! That is how many school valentines most of our students and staff members prepared for distribution on Friday. It does sound crazy, and, undoubtedly, it is. However, seeing the work and creativity most of the students and staff put in their Valentine’s boxes and cards, seeing the pleasure with which everyone in turn added an item to each box, and finally seeing the excitement as all settled on blankets in the afternoon sun to open their box and discover these items, well! It was well worth the effort!

Shared love was palpable on Friday! And so was shared candy, as, of course, the recommendation to avoid sweets had been, for the most part, ignored. We can only hope that not too many indigestions followed… In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we want today to appreciate our teachers for the love they show their students on a daily basis, whether when dealing with a conflict, giving feed-back on school work, designing still another motivating activity, adopting a change that will benefit the students, problem-solving with parents, or volunteering out-of-school time to share experiences with students.

In particular, do appreciate with us the time Paige donates towards directing the Magnolia middle school Thespian group, the time Sunshine and Sharon donated last week-end to drive and chaperone said Thespians to their State competition in Melbourne, and the afternoon and evening time they are about to donate this coming Friday to accompany the Magnolia TSMUN team to the 18th annual Tallahassee Regional Model United Nations conference.

We are “the little school that could” only because of the selfless dedication of our loving staff. We are glad that the teachers’ Valentine’s boxes were as brimming with Valentine’s cards as the students’ boxes. Teachers are clearly loved back, as also shown by the memories alumni students regularly share about them.