Director's Corner: On Thanksgiving

As our Magnolia Thanksgiving Feast (Monday 19th!) and Thanksgiving break approach, we want to thank you all for your trust in our school and for your dedication to our community. \ Students, thank you for your hard work, your sportsmanship, your patience with our little ones, and your spirit.

Parents, thank you so much for your many donations, your research and expert suggestions, your various talents, your statements of appreciation, your understanding, your camping savvy, and adventurousness. Thank you for taking your parents jobs seriously, and thank you for your commitment to the PTO.

Teachers, thank you for your tireless determination to find ever more ways to make school fun and exciting, and thank you for still finding time and energy to undertake extra endeavors such as Rendezvous, the Halloween Tunnel or the Thespian club.

Irwin, thank you for the music classes; Daniel, thank you for the PE classes and cross-country training. After-school staff, thank you for ensuring that our after-schoolers have a safe, comfortable and fun home away from home.

Cleaning crew, thanks for turning each week's mess into next week's clean slate. Board members, thank you for your time and wisdom on issues including the school budget, education matters, policies, outreach, campus improvement, fundraising and grant writing.

We also want to acknowledge and celebrate our educational partners and therapists: Frank McKeown, Sally Cumper, Zoe Galitz, Southeastern Therapy Services, as well as our new middle school classroom volunteer Lora Wooten. We deeply appreciate each and every one of you!