Director's Corner: On celebrating parent volunteers

Thanksgiving and the winter Holidays are over and yet, it still is time for thanks and it still is time to celebrate at The Magnolia School. A whole lot happened during Winter Break, none of which would have occurred without our parent community. A new roof got installed on the elementary school, paid for by the Magnolia School Capital Campaign that the Magnolia Board of Directors spearheaded and to which current and alumni families generously contributed. And a new floor was installed in the back-room, paid for by our PTO fundraising efforts, including last year “Vinyl Revival” event, even though we ended up with non-vinyl flooring.

But that is not all! Before this happened, all the furniture was moved into the front-room, including library shelves and their loads of books, as well as computers, thanks to Steve Brodka, a.k.a. Jatavious’s dad, Amanda Baumann, a.k.a. Jordan’s mom, and Brendan McGlynn, a.k.a. Katy’s son, who all came to help Katy and Sophie. Stacey and Art McConnell also came, Stacey finished dismounting everything from the walls while Art replaced the tree swing and repaired and reinstalled the basketball goal. Pam painted the pump house and the support columns for the bars. Sarah and Matt Wilson came as well to dismantle the computer tables. Steve then proceeded to finish the painting of the back-room started over the summer, and Mike Rosen installed a window in the teacher resource room door. After the floor was installed, Katy and Brendan were back to move furniture and books back into the back-room with the help of Stacey and Susan and Chris Smith, while Sarah Ward pulled games and other items from the shelves to dust them.

But that is not all! Sarah and Matt then proceeded to reinstall the computer tables in a new configuration as well as cover the bulletin boards anew before re-hanging them. Their vision involved getting rid of the old stand-alone theme book display and building new display shelves now painted by Steve and installed on the northern wall of the computer corner, as well as finding new homes for students cubbies and coat racks. Add to all this the masterful cleaning job that Samson performed and the back-room is cleaner and more lovely-looking than it has been in a few years!

Come and enjoy the back-room’s new look and please join us in thanking everyone for their contribution, with special thanks to Stacey and Sarah for their leadership, and to the kids who ended up spending time at the school for their help and their patience waiting for their parents. We have a truly awesome parent/student community!