Director's Corner: Much accomplished during busy summer

We wish to devote this Director's Corner column of the 2015–16 school year to the huge amount of work that took place on the Magnolia School campus over the summer. Thank you to everyone involved!

Our two summer camps, Center Stage and Magnolia-Con, were very successful. Thank you to camp directors Paige Brey, Juniper Bambach, and Lerena Fleck, as well as to all the camp staff and the many volunteer counselors, including Jodi Wilkof, a large number of FSU graduate students, and Magnolia alumni Lily Kates, Zola Ray, and Jérémie Speer.

While camps were in session, the Recruiting Committee was putting in many hours reviewing applications for our two job openings and interviewing candidates, resulting, by mid-July, in the hiring of Jimmie Hall as administrative director, and Casey Gooding as middle school teacher. Thank you to all members of the committee, and a special thank you to (again!) Jodi Wilkof for all the phone calls, facilitating, and scheduling.

The Board of Directors also kept busy during the summer, as it is the body in charge of hiring directors and of overseeing the finances of the school. New members joined the board and chose the committees they will be working with over the year. Thank you very much to all old and new members. As directors, we could not hope for a more supportive group of hard-working individuals.

Especially heartfelt thanks go to Susan Smith for the enormous amount of work she put into the school over the span of four months. It is thanks to her instant decision to step in and assume the role of interim administrative director that the school could continue operating smoothly through the end of the school year and into summer camp season until Jimmie’s hiring. We love you, Susan, and can never repay you for this!

More happened in July, once Jimmie was in place. Our teachers gathered on the week of July 13 to prepare the themes for this year and had an amazing amount of excellent work to share during our August planning week. Thank you for your efforts and dedication to our theme model!

The middle school kitchen was totally emptied and cleaned, to the point of being unrecognizable. Thank you so much to devoted parents Jenn Branham, Thadra Stanton, and Sarah Wilson! And our Summer Work Day on August 1st had a very good turnout. Our thanks to the following hard workers:

  • Kemira Barlow: cleaned windows and art room
  • Bridget Welch and Matelea: weeded garden, organized art room
  • Jennifer Carver: cleaned fridge & dishes
  • Steve Brodka: painted bathroom shelves, Elementary School deck, and safe place closet
  • Jatavious: dealt with trash, picked up sticks, and contributed to other important projects
  • Liz Hammock: dusted, wiped shelves and swept
  • Mike Hammock: repaired Middle School door knob, and demolished fence in front of Middle School and chicken coop
  • Andy Cumper: cleaned and organized the Art room
  • Sally and Dotty: weeded garden
  • Emily: cleaned table tops, chairs, and windows in the middle school
  • Sarah Ward: cleaned and organized the art room
  • Bill and Max Brey: installed the middle school lockers
  • Sue Wiley: dismantled and beautified the Middle School deck
  • Pam and Ondrea: removed more of the chicken coop
  • Joe Wooley: replaced the man closet door and mowed the elementary front yard
  • Sue Ray: weeded the Middle School garden
  • Bridget: provided water hose parts
  • Stacey McConnell: reorganized teacher resource room
  • Paige Brey: reorganized and cleaned Middle School
  • Ben Grenat: hauled numerous loads of trash
  • Casey: sanded and painted lockers, as well as middle school kitchen door and Sophie’s window
  • Sampson: helped with lockers (on his day off), cleaned gutter, repaired the water hose and did lots of yard work
  • BJ: moved shed and trash, mowed middle school yard, and did numerous other things

Another great big thanks to these and all of the Magnolia Family. We are off to a great year!