Director's Corner: A Tribute to our Teachers

Angel and Jeremy Tribute: an act, statement, or gift that is intended to show gratitude, respect, or admiration. We, the directors of The Magnolia School, wish to pay tribute to our teachers today.

You all know by now about their patience, dedication, and creativity, whether they come up with theme activities or with solutions to emotional or academic difficulties. You know how receptive they are to students input or to parents’ suggestions. A recent example was the middle school teachers embracing Tina's suggestion of involving the Magnolia middle school in the 17th annual Tallahassee Southern Model United Nations conference, which took place last Friday. That involved a lot of preparatory work on the part of teachers and students alike (reading and reporting on papers that were rarely written for a middle school audience) and, at times, quite a bit of stress and resistance. But the teachers kept encouraging, the students gained some confidence, and all ended up fairly positive about the conference itself. Quite an achievement everyone, congratulations!

Now guess where Sharon and Sunshine were on Saturday, the day after the conference (which ended at 10 p.m.!)... well, at the Mag Lab Open House of course, demonstrating pendulums to help advertise our school and recruit next years' students!

And while the Model UN project was going on, what was Paige doing, aside from advising students on their position papers? Paige was donating a number of her afternoons to preparing most of the middle schoolers for the Thespian State Festival in Melbourne, FL, the weekend before the Model UN Conference. And where was Sunshine then? She was driving the bus! We won’t dwell on the hours they all donate to fundraise for these activities.

Another example are Pam and Juniper responding to a front-room student comment that some people do not have enough to eat and that we have to do something about it. Well, they are doing something: they are organizing a food collection for Echo over the next two weeks! You also need to know that, on their free time (which is... when?), our teachers are presently taking classes on Differentiated Instruction, Reading Comprehension and/or Conscious Discipline, because we never know enough to serve our students best, and we all recognize that regular professional development is essential.

So, on the eve of Valentine's Day, we are proud to show our committed Magnolia teachers our gratitude, respect, and admiration. Feel free to join us!