Conscious Discipline training in the classroom and beyond

The Magnolia School continues on hits path to actively build a more cohesive school community through implementation of the Conscious Discipline model. Here are a few of the ways we hope to reach our goal.

Summer training for Magnolia teachers

Again this summer, five of our dedicated teachers will spend a week attending the Conscious Discipline Summer Institute with Dr. Becky Bailey. This event is not a workshop, but an experience in which the concepts and principles of Conscious Discipline come to life with real examples, real practice and real connections. Leon County School’s IDEA will cover the registration expenses through a generous No Child Left Behind grant. The Magnolia School will pay for the travel, hotel and meal expenses. Thank you to Leon County for making this valuable experience possible and thank you to the Magnolia Board of Directors who recognize the value of this training.

Those who attended last summer are so excited for these five teachers. It is a big commitment of time and energy as well as a dedication to learn and practice what they learn in the classroom next year.

Conscious Discipline in the classroom

You’ve no doubt noticed that each classroom has its own version of “The Safe Place.”

The Safe Place, developed by Dr. Becky Bailey, is, as the name suggests, as safe location in the classroom where children can go to identify emotions and self-regulate. In the Safe Place, children learn how to change their internal state from upset to calm in order to maximize their learning potential.

The Front Room Safe Place is in the closet near the bean table. It has a ladybug chair, feeling buddies, a poster with the five steps for getting back to calm and a basket of things to help with the five steps. In the Back Room it is in the window seat closest to Sally’s desk and is called “Take Five.” It has a curtain, pillows, feeling buddies, and a board to remind students about the five steps for getting back to calm. The Safe Place in the middle school is called the Relaxation Station and is located in back corner of the main classroom. The Relaxation Station has pillows a small bean bag, a basket of things to help get back to calm as well as the board and a poster with the steps listed.

All Magnolia students have been instructed about how to use the Safe Place and the five steps to get back to calm—and they all have an opportunity to use it when they need to. Ask your child about the Safe Place in his/her classroom.