Director's Corner: Communities of Learners

A community of learners is what our school thrives to be. Our community includes our students, of course, but also our teachers, who learn every semester when preparing new themes; our parents, who learn along; and our alumni, who have kept learning and, occasionally, come back to share with us. Every August is exciting as we welcome new families whose unique profiles enrich our already very diverse community and from whom we are looking forward to learning some new skill or knowledge. For our students to blossom into the life-long learners we want them to become, there is nothing more powerful than to see their parents and their friends' parents as an active part of their educational experience. Please remember to attend our Magnolia Community Meeting, coming up on Tuesday, August 28th at 5:45pm (child care provided), to meet each other, hear the "old" families reflect on their Magnolia experience, hear the "new" families report on their expectations, and come up with year goals together (a format not unlike what will happen with the students in their individual classrooms in the days to come). The Community Meeting is also the opportunity to introduce and distribute The Magnolia School Handbook, talk about procedures, housekeeping matters and communication, and to elect the Parent Teacher Organization officers who will help PTO President Jenn Branham (elected in May).

Also important to build our community of learners and thus mandatory, our Parent Education Night will take place on Tuesday, September 4th at 5:45pm (child care provided). The purpose of that meeting is to clarify our educational philosophy, our theme-driven approach, explain how we individualize the curriculum, unveil the mysteries of middle school walkabouts. Following a short general meeting, families will be invited in their child's classroom to understand how the class functions, how to contribute, how to keep up with assignments, and how to stay in touch with the teachers.

Communication is central to the well-functioning of our Community and thus, aside from this bimonthly newsletter, we also use email notices, either directly from the office  or via a yahoo group to which new families will be invited shortly. We also post reminders on the outside school sign and on school doors (especially the elementary school entrance and kitchen doors). On your side, kindly ensure that both the office and your child's teacher know the best way to communicate with you.

Welcome and welcome back to all! We are looking forward to an exciting new learning year!